The purpose of this Patients’ Charter is to explain your Rights and Responsibilities.

The goals are:

• To make your relationship with us a mutually beneficial one.
• To ensure we work as partners in a positive and open relationship with a view to enhancing the effectiveness of the health care process.


• Be frank with your doctors in revealing your medical conditions.
• Co-operate with medical personnel on any mutually agreed treatment plans or procedures.
• Not request medical personnel to issue incorrect receipts, certificates, or to make incorrect entry into the medical records.
• Be responsible to meet the required fees and charges for the medical services provided to you.
• Follow the rules stipulated by our clinic and respect the rights of others.
• Should consult with your insurance company on payment coverage prior to your visit.


• The Right to Information
• The Right to Decision Making
• The Right to Confidentiality
• The Right to Complaint